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Legacy Members

These are members from previous sessions. Unless they are listed in the active area, they have graduated, moved on, or are on break from the studio. They also may not have signed up for the current session or attended our current session meetings. Legacy members are always welcome to come home to act as mentors in our program. We miss you and hope you are doing great! Check in and say hi whenever you can.
We like hearing from you!
Summer 2024 

New Legacy Members: Dylan Panazzi, Jayanth Dhage, Ethan Thompson, Carter Kiss, Rhys Takashashi, Rama Al-Omar, David Clark, Frank Bonanno, Rae McDonald, Christopher Ward, Maddy Roy, Lucas Stout, Maddie Teel, Conner Rush, Brady Sayre, Harrison York, Ben Bradford, and Cameron Thompson
Spring 2024

New Legacy Members: Tessla Muir, Emalee Liptrap, Samantha Pizzino, Alan Lin, Eric Saunders, Leah Reed, Luke Howell, Max Goins

New Legacy Members: David Wolfe, Kayla Stein, Ryan Lee Eicheldinger, Zachary Lightcap, Brian Weers, Jordan Brown, Jerome Drew
Spring 2023

New Legacy Members: Jackson Sigler, Malachi Ruffin, Emma Chase, Tory Webb-Johnson, Nicholas Kowalski, Caleb Miller

New Legacy Members: Nathan Lawson, Tess Barnhart, Catherine Cober

New Legacy Members: Emma Copley, Jacob Ripperger, Andrew Mathis, Lauren Cook, Kenzie Dye, Madison Mills, Joshua Burdette, Mary Madeline Gould, Samuel Gorski, Ryan Cook

New Legacy Members: Catherine Wylie, Kirsten Barrett, Sean Neaville, SJ Jajka, Madison Brotosky, Alli Hospodar, Alyssa Shanholtz, Jenna Piatt, Joey Vedda, Kareen Akremi, Haylee Hickman, Thomas Ambrusico, Trystyn O'Haver, Julia Maltby, Joey Rather, Ashley Austin, Goldie McClure
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