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Currently in Development

Light Rush (formerly Light Keeper) is a multiplayer slapstick party game featuring our mascots - Spark and Berry. Pass the light to your opponents before it explodes.

This project was initiated at the studio by alumnus Brian Weers as part of an independent study. By the end of Spring 2023, we had the first pilot level with our base mechanics ready. It's our second attempt at creating a game in 3D space, with a much smaller scope than Dawn of Alina. We also decided to use Unreal Engine instead of Unity for it. That allowed us to get further in a single session than we might otherwise.

The goals for Fall 2023 includes modified gameplay and items to enhance competitive gameplay. Utilizing the mechanics from the Spring 2023 session, gameplay shifted towards an elimination game where players must pass the light before the timer runs out and the player holding the light is then eliminated.

The project is open for additional game modes and playable characters in future sessions.

We're planning to release it on Steam and Xbox in 2024. Stay tuned for more details on our social channels and blog.

Video of Progress



Spring 2023

Brian Weers - Project Lead, Primary Programmer, Level Design

Joshua Robinson - Support Programmer

Heather Cole - Asset Work

Liza Litten - Asset Work

Anthony Reitan - Spark and Berry Models

Colwyn Bordeaux - Level Design


Fall 2023

Liza Litten - Project Lead, 2D Artist, Level Design, Menu UI

Luke Howell - Character Animation

Leah Reed - 3D Prop Models, Flatwoods Concepts, Audio Design

Cameron Thompson - Programmer

Jared Willis - Programmer

Rae McDonald - Programmer

Chris Ward - Programmer

Colwyn Bordeaux - Level Design

Mentors- Joshua Robinson, Heather Cole

Spring 2024

Jared Willis - Project Lead, Programmer

Cameron Thompson - Programmer

Lucas Stout - Level Designer, 3D Modeler

Colwyn Bordeaux - Level Designer, UI/UX

Brady Sayre - Programmer, UI/UX

Jennifer Corona - Music

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