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Ever wonder what your cats are up to when you're not home? Perhaps we have the answer, going on secret missions for their spy cats agency. Secrets are hiding behind every corner and things to be seen that aren’t to be found on the regularly beaten path. Want to experience their life for yourself? Here’s your chance. Explore the world through the eyes of the spy cats! Spy Cats is the most recent game we have developed here at MonRiverGames, and we are very excited to share it with you! Development of the game started in the studio's Fall 2022 session; now you can wishlist on Steam!

Coming Soon

Want to help playtest?

We'll be releasing into Steam Early Access, hopefully, early next year. If you'd like to help and get access to our latest prototypes before, then send us a message. Until then, feel free to play the demo on or revisit the original we made last year that this extended, prettier version is based on.


Spy Cat Contributors for the Fall 2023 Session are:


The group’s community lead is Joshua Robinson and student lead is Colwyn Bordeaux.


Members of this session’s project group also include:

  • Ted Eicher - Asset Creation and Design

  • Tom Heckman - Coding, Implementation

  • Lucas Stout - Level Design

  • Brady Sayre - Development, Design

  • Jennifer Corona - 2D Art, Asset Creation, Marketing Assistance

  • Madeline Teel - 2D Art, Asset Creation

  • Carter Kiss - Programming, Design

  • Frank Bonnano - Programming, Design


Spring 2023/Summer 2023 sessions:

Project Leaders:

 David Wolfe, Joshua Robinson, and Heather Cole


Student and Community Members: 

  • Madison Roy - Art Lead, Asset Creation, 2D Art

  • Michael Morris -2D Art, Asset Creation

  •  Zachary Hubbard - Coding, Implementation, Programming

  • Tessla Muir - Coding, Implementation, Programing

  • Tom Heckman - Coding, Implementation, Programming

  • Ted Eicher - Asset Creation, Concepting

  • Ryan Lee Eicheldinger - Music 

The full credits list can be found here.

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