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Rustic Charm

Save the town by renovating old homes and bringing new villagers in!

Rustic Charm is a top-down DIY design game that allows the player the freedom to make custom designs and renovations. The game is set in a nearly abandoned town, and it is your job to get it back to normal to attract new and returning residents!

Our Game

Rustic Charm is set in a nearly abandoned West Virginia town. The player, an interior designer, returns to their hometown once they hear about how it has become a forgotten ghost town. One building at a time, the player helps renovate the town and bring back its residents.  

The game starts with the player returning to their hometown once they have heard it has become abandoned. They are greeted by one of the few remaining residents of the town and told what they can do to help. From there, the player will find materials in the town to craft furniture that will be used to renovate the town’s buildings. Each building, having its own importance to the town, will be a level. Once the player renovates each building, residents will move back, and they win the game!

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