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We've Forgotten

A Journey Through Memory

Target audience: 17+

Coming soon to PC

Created with Unity

Things We’ve Forgotten is a story-driven game set in the present day. Players will experience a home through the eyes of Anais, a 15 year old girl who has just lost her sibling. She and her parents are tackling the feelings of grief. For Anais to escape from her overwhelming emotions, she receives the help from Bandit, the spirit of a guide dog who’s lived in the house for many years. Bandit brings her a journal that is missing five pages. Anais will learn the truth about accepting and how to find peace. 


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The game will be set in 2D and the character you are playing (Anais) will be walking. In the starting scene, Anais will be outside her home when she comes across Bandit. Bandit brings her a journal that has a story written from the previous owners of the house, but it is missing 5 pages. Anais will walk through the house to discover the missing journal pages. This journal is the main object that is of continuous use throughout the game. Each page unlocks new dialogue of the past owners. The past owners have also experienced the loss of their child. The point of making the journal so significant is for Anais to feel less alone in her situation and Bandit helps her find peace.

Game Art



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TWFCombo Pack - 19.99

Meet The Team

SJ Jajka.png

SJ Jajka

Level Designer/
Team Lead
Joey Rather.jpg

Joey Rather


Haylee Hickman


Ashley Austin

Alli Hospodar.jpg

Alli Hospodar

Tech Specialist

Trystyn O'Haver

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