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Dawn of Alina: UI Update


development on the Dawn of Alina, developing UI is critical in establishing an inviting and fun experience for the players. With Dawn of Alina, the team is continuing to develop shop and menu UI in order for players to have a cohesive experience while playing the game.

Currently the team is working toward finalizing the book style design before fully implementing within the game. Zachary Hubbard, who is working on the UI, mentions how Red Dead Redemption 2 really inspired the creation of the menu. Which uses a similar book format.

Original Mockup Design

Concept design for in game

Assets within the shop are a huge part in menu creation. Maddy Roy, who has been taking part in helping create the items within the shop, has been very excited to bring the menu to life. Though ensuring that the sizing of each item is the same has been a struggle for her.

The team is hoping to continue developing the UI of the game in order to come to a fully realized product. Creating a system that allows for players to access different parts of the game with ease.

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