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[not] The Mothman

We've started a new session at MonRiverGames! We have many members that stayed on from the past two sessions, and about half a dozen new faces. Right now, we are working on getting acquainted with one another, as well as running a bit of a crash course for our new members. We'll introduce the new folks soon and let you know what we'll be working on this session. For now, let me introduce you to two new members of MonRiverGames. Meet our mascots, designed by Madison Roy:

An Io and BlackBerry moth cartoon creature- regional to West Virginia

Now, they have a very serious problem. They need to be named in order to become big and strong, kind of like the creatures in your favorite anime. They disliked the names we proposed for them, so it gave us an idea. "Let's ask our followers."

For the next few weeks, we'll be taking name suggestions and then have a poll on our Twitter and Facebook accounts to determine the winner. Will you help us? If so, make a comment on the Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram post that led you here. Whichever comments get the most likes we will use as part of our final poll in a few weeks.


Very rough sketches of a moth like cute character
Concept sketches

While we love the regional cryptid of our West Virginian home base, The Mothman, we wanted a fresh approach for these mascots.

For that, we turned to our resident lead Game Artist. Maddy graced us with her presence long enough to answer a few questions on her process, before stealing a cookie and returning to her drawing nest.

Read through her answers below to learn more about these lil' folk in order to help inspire your naming process.

When you were asked to make a mascot or a pair of them, what were your first ideas?

"When first coming up with ideas, I wanted to focus on the West Virginia aspect, while also

thinking about games being both a mix of casual and energetic energy.

I thought it would be fun to make a pair that incorporates different elements of those styles, rather than a single mascot. Yellow is usually a warm color that’s associated with high energy and blue is a cool color that is usually more mellow. I wanted to keep these in mind with the designs."

What kind of research did you need to do to help you come up with a variety of ideas?

Cartoon early concept of an Io type Moth
Io type Moth

"As our home is in West Virginia, we first collaborated on the idea of using Mothman (one of the most memorable cryptids from West Virginia). However, I wanted to specifically use moth species from the region. Using the pattern and details from the types of moths, along with color theory, I used this to try and create some mock-up designs that expressed their personality just by looks. "

What is your normal process of making the various fun critters that you make?

"When it comes to making little critters and creatures, I start with an idea or reference for what I have in mind. From there, I start shaping out the design to get an idea of their body language. Showing the character or creature's personality is a big factor in designs and shape language is the best way to start. From there, I consider design of the face. The eyes can be an especially captivating part of a design and help define personality just as much as the body language.

Once I’ve found something I’m happy with, I might re-draw the whole thing. Sometimes your best ideas don’t come from your first plan. The more you work on the design, the more chances you have to tweak things you maybe didn’t notice at first, or find things that you don’t like now. Colors are a part of this that I especially tend to change. I also like to try different poses during this phase, to get a better idea of how they would move and react in different angles."

Anything else you want to say?

"It’s always important to remember though that designing can take time. I have a fun tradition of taking old designs and re-doing them each year. And I find every year each design takes a different direction and gets better and better. Don’t be afraid to change things around and try something new with your designs. Maybe look at new references, or try a different color scheme and theme. Don’t be afraid to experiment a bit."

So there you have it. This duo will be with us for a while, can you help us name them?

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