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Spy Cats Development Log 2

October has been a busy month for MonRiverGames! The team has been working on Spy Cats, Dawn of Alina, and our Fall 2022 game pitches. On 10/22, we showcased SpyCats at the 2022 BitBridge Halloween Showcase and got lots of great feedback! The game has changed a lot since the last development log, so let's take a look at what it looks like now!

A New Menu

Our team has worked together to make a new menu for Spy Cats! It features 9 mission briefing folders: one to represent each level.

Technical Improvements

Our programmers have been hard at work improving the experience of Spy Cats, and have made a boatload of changes! These are just some of the features our coders have been implementing:

  • Better (and more plentiful) enemies

  • Consistent camera size throughout the levels

  • Control mapping that is universal for all the levels

  • A level restart when the cat falls out of the level

  • Improved animations

  • Restart and back-to-menu buttons

  • Better jumping conditions

  • A loading screen

New Spy Cats!

Not only have we made a boatload of technical improvements to the levels, we also have a bunch of new spy cats! Now, every level has a unique feline to complete the mission.

New Sounds

What would Spy Cats be without sneaky spy music? Not only do we have new music in the game, we also have plenty of other new sounds, including:

  • A jump sound

  • A mission complete sound

  • An item collection sound

Future Plans

With the BitBridge Halloween Showcase demo behind us, we will continue to improve the game based on the feedback we have received. In the coming weeks there are a lot of bugs to be smashed, levels to improve, and new pieces of art to be made. At MonRiverGames, we strive to make high quality games by continuously making improvements. A new story, UI improvements, and new ways to interact with the enemies are all on the horizon, so keep a look out for the next version of SpyCats!

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