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🎨🚀 Welcome, Creative Visionaries of MonRiverGames! 🚀🎨

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Prepare to be enchanted by the magic of our Art Team, the architects of imagination, the brushes behind the scenes, and the melody makers of gaming. Meet these gifted artists who will craft worlds, characters, and stories that will leave you in awe:

🎨 Maddy Roy - The Lead Art Maestro

  • Skills & Goals: Maddy leads our artistic charge, crafting designs, art styles, and even our beloved MonRiverGames mascots. Her quest for creative growth is never-ending.

  • Dream Game Projects: She dreams of fusing the creative spirit of early 2000s games with pet-raising sims, adventures, and RPGs—a world where players can create their experiences.

  • Favorite Game Element: Maddy enjoys music, storytelling, art, and character designs. She craves colorful, unique worlds and gripping narratives.

🎨 Alan Lin - The Art Adventurer

  • Skills & Goals: Alan is excited to explore new art styles, especially 2D art.

  • Dream Game Project: He dreams of working on a game emphasizing mechanics and visual delights.

  • Favorite Game Element: Alan revels in mechanics and exploration in worlds that invite you to roam freely and discover treasures.

🎨 Emalee Liptrap - The Sound Sorceress

  • Skills & Goals: Emalee brings sound design, video, and advertising content creation skills to the table and is eager to enhance MonRiverGames' projects.

  • Dream Game Project: Her dream project is a FNAF-style horror game with a rich storyline, lore, characters, and music.

  • Collaboration Corner: She envisions collaborative efforts to gather second and third opinions, fostering improvement in every project.

  • Favorite Game Element: Art style draws Emalee into a game, setting the stage for her immersion.

🎨 Jenny Corona - The Animation Enthusiast

  • Skills & Goals: Jenny has been honing her animation and sound design/music creation skills, skills she believes MonRiverGames needs more of.

  • Dream Game Project: She adores 2D platformers, especially visually stunning ones like Gris.

  • Collaboration Corner: Jenny is eager to explore collaborative art and sound asset creation, a skill she's ready to master.

  • Favorite Game Element: She can't choose just one - character design, animation, game music, storytelling, and sound design all capture her heart.

  • Jenny's Portfolio can be found at:

🎨 Luke Howell - The 3D Modeling Marvel

  • Skills & Goals: Luke possesses 3D modeling and animation skills and aims to apply them effectively to Unity and Unreal.

  • Dream Project: He's all about creating fun, goofy games with solid mechanics.

  • Collaboration Corner: Luke envisions a collaborative process where each person contributes their strengths, forming a greater whole.

  • Favorite Game: Team Fortress 2's flexible game mechanics resonate with him.

These creative forces will shape the worlds you explore, the characters you meet, and the stories that captivate your hearts. Together, they embark on an artistic adventure that promises to redefine gaming.

Welcome to the MonRiverGames family, Art Team! 🎮🖌️ Your creativity knows no bounds, and we can't wait to see your masterpieces come to life! 🌟

Best regards,

Leah Reed and the MonRiverGames Community Team

Fall 2023 Session Group Photo

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