eality Club

VR Goggles

About Us

We are a club at West Virginia University that is dedicated to new media (games, VR, MR, AR, XR as a whole) development and the pursuit of advancing our skills.

We are a close partner of Mon River Games and are assisting members of the club and studio travel to enriching conferences like the Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco.

President: Brian Weers


Vice President: Noah Coby

Secretary: Max Myron

Treasurer: Riley Reid

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Working title House of Horror/Modern Dante's Inferno

This is a VR Escape game. Escape each level of hell to win your freedom. A prototype was demo'd at the BitBridge Halloween Showcase in October 2021


Coliseum at WVU

This is a prototype worked on in the Spring 2021 semester of an interactive version of the coliseum at West Virginia University