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Music from Dawn of Alina

We have several exceptional musicians on the team that went all out in creating unique and interesting music for Alina's travels. As we weren't able to implement everything, we figured we'd share what we have. We may use these for a future project, but this is where each piece originated from. Enjoy!


Ryan Eicheldinger

He created a wide range of environmental music to set the stage.

Jarrell Brackett aka Plutonium Productions

Jarrell entered the project later in the summer, and also created many fantastic compositions meant to help set the mood for playing.


Others that helped

Jennifer Corona was a part of the project at its conception in the summer of 2022. Much of the concept art was created by her and Madison Roy. She also made a couple sound pieces. They are labeled "alina 1" and "alina 2". Meanwhile Kayla Stein focused on creating and implementing sound effects. They are the rest of the snippets in this playlist.

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