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A casual fantasy plant game

Recommended ages 12 and up


They've left you in charge of a very strange green, we mean purple, house for the summer. Your botany courses should have prepared for you this, but you find that the plants are different here. They require the same as most plants at least: a light source, drink, and nutrients. But...well... you'll just have to see for yourself. 


This project is now ready for playtesting through Google Play for Androids and the App store for iPhones. Find us at a Demo or a Con to get the secret code.  You can also use our playtesting form to sign up! Contact for support with this and other games.

PurpleHouse Mobile

Fall 2023 students took the concept and reimagined its play, lore, and world as a mobile game. This allowed them to breathe new life into the concept and for us to experiment with mobile publishing.  Conner Rush accomplished the majority of the programming, supported by Eric Saunders and Rama Al-Omar. Samantha Pizzino wrote a new character, the suspicious shop keeper who happens to acquire all of the strange ingredients you need as well as developed the older story further. Madison Roy gave form to this new, endearing ally. Emalee Liptrap and Michael Morris also assisted with asset and environmental creation. They all worked hard to drive the quality of story, art, and play that you see.


Purple House 1 (The Original) Story Board:
Purple House 1  Game Play Video:
Purple House 1 Credits
Purple House 2 (Expansion) Game Play Video

Alyssa Shanholtz (Production Lead/Play Designer), Madison Brotosky (Technical Specialist), Thomas Abrusico (Marketing), Kirsten Barrett (Writer), Sean Neaville (Artist), Joey Rather (Sound), Heather Cole (Mentor)

Purple House 2 Credits

Heather Cole (Artist/Programmer/Designer), Jarrell Brackett (Music)

Purple House Mobile Trailer (Fall 2023- Spring 2024)
Gameplay Walkthrough at the top of this page
Purple House Mobile Credits

Conner Rush (Project Lead and Programmer), Samantha Pizzino (Story), Emalee Liptrap (Art), Madison Roy (Art), Rama Al-Omar (Programming Support),  Eric Saunders (Programming Support), Mike Morris (Art), Production Management- Heather Cole (faculty), Community Mentors: Joshua Robinson, Zachary Hubbard,  Joud Sabag, Tom Heckman, Ted Eicher

This game's concept was initially created by WVU alumni Alyssa Shanholtz and supported by a small capstone team within MonRiverGames in Fall 2021. More information can be found in the below timeline. The first version, contained 4 plant outcomes. An expanded version , contained 27 plant outcomes, updated mechanics, and a unique musical score by Jarrell Brackett.

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