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 Game Overview

WV Quest is a fun, educational app currently in development at our studio. It started with a computer science capstone group at West Virginia University in 2021.


It is now a collaboration between the university's Game Design and Interactive Media program, the Computer Science program, the West Virginia State Museum, and MonRiverGames.


Our goal for this project is to engage the public's interest in our State Museum's wonderful exhibits in a new interactive method that goes along with its displays while adding something more modern to appeal to younger museum-goers. 

A Closer Look into the 2023-2024 Plans

WV Quest Fall 2023 Poster_edited_edited.

Progress Video Update (May 2023)


FALL 2021- SPRING 2022 


Mentor: Dr. Francis Van Scoy


CSEE 480/481 Capstone Group: Seth Griffith. John Lowe, Aron Ludwinski, Austin Ooten, John Sanders, and Jacob Stine


FALL 2022- SPRING 2023 


Mentors: Heather Cole and Aron Ludwinski


CSEE 480/481 Capstone Group: Zachary Hubbard, London Bowen, Tyler Troutman, Tessla Muir, Joseph Bradford, David Snodgrass, and Amy Farson-Ciccone


MDIA 472 Capstone Collaborator- Jackson Sigler



Zachary Hubbard, Tessla Muir, Breanne Myers , Ted Eicher, Joud Sabag, and Tom Heckman


FALL 2023- SPRING 2024 


Mentors: Breanne Myers, Ted Eicher, Tom Heckman, Zachary Hubbard, and Heather Cole


CSEE 480/481 Capstone Group: Jayanth Dhage, Masashi Takahashi, Benjamin Bradford, Harrison York, David Clark


MDIA 472 Capstone Collaborators: Alan Lin, Max Goins, and Joud Sabag

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