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eality Club

VR Goggles

About Us

We are a club at West Virginia University that is dedicated to new media (games, VR, MR, AR, XR as a whole) development and the pursuit of advancing our skills.

We are a close partner of Mon River Games and are assisting members of the club and studio travel to enriching conferences like the Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco. In March 2022, we were all able to attend this conference for the first time!

President: Riley Reid

Vice President: Brian Weers

Secretary: Isaiah Lezama

Treasurer: Zachary Hubbard

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This is a VR Escape game. Escape each level of hell to win your freedom. A prototype was demo'd at the BitBridge Halloween Showcase in October 2021


Coliseum at WVU

This is a prototype worked on in the Spring 2021 semester of an interactive version of the coliseum at West Virginia University

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