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Dawn of Alina Development Log

During the 2022 summer session and continuing into this fall, Mon River Games has developed a 1st-person fantasy action-adventure game, Dawn of Alina. Dawn of Alina is Mon River Games' first foray into creating a fully 3D game. The game centers around the main character, Alina, who, using her magical powers, must travel to 3 different towns: nature town, potion town, and psychic town, using her powers for good in order to defeat the unknown evil plaguing the land.

Dawn of Alina Concept Art, created by Jenny during the summer session.

Summer Session

During the Mon River Games session this past summer, work on Dawn of Alina began and a lot was accomplished during the summer months. At the completion of the summer session we were able to have implemented the following features to the game:

  • Alina’s character model and animations,

  • the main level and terrain,

  • Inventory and dialogue system,

  • Health and mana system,

  • A basic enemy type

  • Spellcasting

Alina's Character Model from Mixamo.

The world of Dawn of Alina contains a desert area, a grassy plains area, and a more magical area. The map was created by Nathan Lawson.

Alina's view, the mana and health bar, and inventory UI art were both created by Madison Roy.

Fall Session

Development of Dawn of Alina has continued into this fall, and we are working to complete our Minimum Viable Product, or MVP this semester. Much more progress has been made on the game's development.

One of the new features being worked on for Dawn of Alina includes an updated script. The script has now been completed up through Alina's journey through nature town. The updated script has allowed the game's narrative to fully begin to take form, while also giving cues to the developers as to where specific mechanics will need to be implemented.

Another feature currently being implemented includes an in-game potion shop, which is being designed as a type of catalog that the player is able to interact with and flip through to purchase much-needed potions from the potion vendor, Po Shaun, which will significantly aid Alina in her journey.

Concept art for the shopping catalog for the potion shop, created by Jackson Sigler.

Many more assets for the world of Dawn of Alina are also being created this fall:

A 3D swamp plant was created for Dawn of Alina by Victoria Webb-Johnson.

A Village house asset created by Caleb Miller.

A mushroom for use in the magic town, created by Emma Chase.

A barrel asset created by Madison Roy.

A boat asset created by Malachi Ruffin.


As development for Dawn of Alina continues and as we make our way towards realizing our MVP, we are excited to see the game, its world, mechanics, and narrative coming together.

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