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Easter Eggs You May Have Missed in Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2, a western action-adventure game created by Rockstar Games and released in 2018, is filled to the brim with secrets, stories, and hidden treasures. Among the multitude of details and mysteries that Rockstar intricately wove into their game, it’s the easter eggs that stand out to me as some of the most challenging and enjoyable to discover, and this game has plenty! Interestingly, these hidden gems often pay homage to various pop culture references, inside jokes, and even elements from Rockstar’s past games. In this post, I’ll take you on a journey through the rugged landscape of Red Dead Redemption 2 as we delve into some of the more (in my opinion) interesting easter eggs that have left players both intrigued and entertained.

The Time Traveling NPC

Our first easter egg begins with a character named Francis Sinclair, who you can discover in a small cabin northwest of Strawberry. The NPC sports an unmistakable birthmark on his face, and speaks using words that your main character, Arthur Morgan, doesn’t seem to understand. As a mission, Sinclair asks you to locate a series of rock carvings found all across the map. Once you’ve found each carving by meandering your way across the area, you can return to Sinclair and report your findings. However, when you return to the cabin, Sinclair appears to have vanished. In his place is a woman with an infant baby, who tells you that her husband has passed so she and the child are alone. Once a closer look is taken, you notice that same unmistakable birthmark on the child’s face as his mother reveals his name: Francis.

The Strange Man

Coming back from Red Dead Redemption to get his cameo in the prequel is the one and only Strange Man. We first meet the Strange Man as we play as John Marston in the original game, during the “I Know You” mission. The fancily-clad man seems to annoy Marston with his cryptic responses and knowledge of Marston’s past that he shouldn’t know partnered with the fact that he will not reveal his name. The Strange Man runs into Marston often, always ready with a mission to give him and always offering two possible moral conundrums that he wants Marston to intervene in. What’s more, in a moment of frustration, Marston fires his gun towards Strange Man only to discover that he is immune to the bullets. Once you part ways with Strange Man, you are left with more questions than answers and hear nothing of him again… until Red Dead Redemption 2.

An interesting place in which you can find traces of Strange Man in this prequel is within a shack near the area of Lemoyne, nestled in the swampy area labeled Bayall Edge beside the Kamassa River. Upon Arthur Morgan’s entry, the player will discover many peculiar items, including an unfinished painting of that same fancily-clad, top hat wearing man positioned curiously near a mirror, which is important. I won’t spoil the rest, mainly because it would be much too long for a blog post and contains elements that change based on the player’s honor level, but I encourage you to delve further into the story of Strange Man on your own, as this is far from the end of his mystery.


The addition of this otherworldly easter egg pays special homage to Rockstar’s affinity for adding the strange and unusual into their games. Similarly to their addition of UFOs in their hit game Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar added this fun and elusive element in Red Dead Redemption 2. Like our previous easter eggs, this journey begins with locating a cabin north of Emerald Ranch and the Heartland Overflow reservoir. You’ll know you’re at the right place when you see a lake on the cabin’s northern shore. Inside, you find a gruesome scene along with a note that includes clues on what to do next. The note mentions the lunar cycle of the game (yes, the game has its own lunar cycle) and leads you to travel back to the cabin at midnight on a specific night for an out of this world gaming experience.

Princess Isabeau Katherina Zinsmeister

One of the most intriguing and challenging mysteries of Red Dead Redemption 2 involves the search for Princess Isabeau. The tale begins with a series of cryptic writings scattered across the world, hinting at the disappearance of a German princess. The quest to find her involves deciphering clues and searching meticulously in remote locations, pushing the boundaries of exploration and puzzle-solving. The player first hears of Princess Isabeau by reading either a newspaper ad or reward poster hanging at the Van Horden Trading Post located at the furthest east point on the game’s map, and can quickly gather a bit more information by exploring the town and speaking to locals.

From here, players can follow the breadcrumb trail that is Isabeau’s story, discovering clues and even some of her belongings at the stolen goods fence. There is a particularly interesting aspect of this secret that leads players to believe that Princess Isabeau is locked on the second floor of the stolen goods fence, but there are other speculations as to her whereabouts as well. Again, I strongly recommend players to embark on this adventure themselves in order to draw their own conclusions.


In the digital expanse of Red Dead Redemption 2, the pursuit of easter eggs is more than just a diversion—it's a genuine testament to the artistry and depth of the game world. These elusive secrets offer a sense of community and discovery, fostering a culture of exploration and shared excitement among players. As the quest for these hidden treasures continues, the game remains a testament to the enduring appeal of immersive storytelling and the thrill of uncovering the unknown.


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