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End of Fall Session Senior Recap

With the Fall session coming to a close, there will be a few seniors graduating from the University in December. Emma Chase, David Wolfe, Tory Johnson, Caleb Miller, and Jackson Sigler will all be graduating. Here is what our seniors had to say about their experience at WVU and what they are most excited for after graduation.

Emma decided to pursue the IDM as a minor as she really wanted to expand her skills and knowledge in the media field to complement her advertising skills. Her favorite part about the program was the freedom to add her own twists on projects. She is feeling amazing to know that graduation is just two weeks away, however will miss all the friends and memories that she made along the way. Emma is really excited to see all her friends and family gather at graduation. She plans on using the spring semester to pursue hobbies and work while planning on applying to various Advertising Portfolio schools around the country.

David was really drawn to the IDM major since it aligned with his interest in making video games which he hopes to pursue later in life. With graduation being so close, he felt that it was surreal and very bittersweet. David is feeling really excited about finally obtaining the degree that he worked so hard for and plans on enrolling in the masters program next fall.

Tory went with the IDM program since it appealed to her interest in art and technology. The numerous technical skills taught in the program are what she enjoyed the most throughout the program. From learning coding, audio editing, game design, video editing, animation, and more, she really found herself enjoying what was being taught. Tory is feeling bittersweet about graduating however feels ready to begin

the next chapter in her life. Walking across the stage at the graduation ceremony and singing country roads is really what she is looking forward to. Her plans for after graduation is to attend graduate school and to have a job finalized soon.

Caleb started off in a few other majors, however felt they were a bit too specific that he was limiting himself as to what he wanted to do with his life. He enjoyed the IDM program because he got to learn so much in different areas that he could pursue numerous careers. While feeling relieved about graduating, he is somewhat scared as he is unsure what he is doing after graduation. Finally not having to do homework is what Caleb is looking forward to most. After graduation, Caleb really wants to take some time to focus on himself before pursuing a career.

Jackson chose the IDM program to develop knowledge in web and app design. His favorite part in the program was having the same professors for a lot of the courses and being able to develop strong relationships with each of them. Graduating this December feels like all the hard work has finally paid off. He is excited to finally begin pursuing his other interests outside of college such as real estate, travel, and photography. After graduation, Jackson’s plan is to travel to England for the month of February, continuing to develop his real estate business, and pursue jobs in web development.

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