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MonRiverGames' quest to the University of Rio Grande

A dragon made of pixels/small squares
Our ID badge- so cute!

On Saturday, July 15, 2023 we began our adventure from Morgantown to Rio Grande, Ohio to discover what the 'final boss' had in store for us. It was an arduous 3 hour journey with many snacks to keep our HP up and a side quest to Otherworld in Columbus, Ohio. The sun was our first battle- blazing with temperatures reaching the 90s! Thankfully, a summoned rain storm in the mid afternoon of the conference took this one out. We suspect the legend and wizard, John Russo (who was also battling bosses here) of raising the storm. We hope his MP quickly regained afterwards and thank him for his efforts.

The schedule was jam packed with guest speakers, auctions, trivia games, Esports, classic arcade games, cosplay contests, and many different vendors. There were also food trucks stationed nearby to help everyone maintain their HP.

a schedule and a map taped to a wall
Convention Schedule and Map

As you can see below, Spy Cats Remastered was our game of choice for this battle. Attendees were able to tackle the first mission, which was polished up of bugs since our last playtest opportunity at the showcase we held at West Virginia University in April. Would you like to see the latest build? You can currently play on Mac, PC, and your web browser at We are hard at work on conceptualizing the next mission as well as figuring out the publishing process through Steam and Xbox for this project.

Woman at a table featuring computer games and a university program.
Director Heather Cole demonstrates Spy Cats Remastered

The retro gaming area was a classic call back to many historic arcade games, such as Duck Duck Go and the original Sonic series. Interested in arcade game history? You may find this video very helpful!

Multiple people in picture playing digital games on older devices.
Retro Gaming Area

Meanwhile, the vendor hall had even more to offer. Stationed near the front was the convention's raffle, which included a PS5 and Arcade Cabinet, among many other equipment upgrades and power ups. The merchants within this area varied from clothing and potions to collectibles worthy of a proper dragon's nest.

Multiple tables and businesses as well as attendees
The vendor hall was packed!

Check out a full recap of the event on their Facebook page:

To the folks running the event, thank you for having us! We appreciate all of the hard work and planning y'all put into it.

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