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Life of an Athlete and a Designer

From playing in front of 60,000 fans to creating content for video games, some people might wonder if athletes could also be designers, but why? Being an athlete you wouldn't expect most to have an interest in designing especially since you need time to sit down and take your time using your imagination and creating assets.

Being an athlete and working in a studio can be very difficult at times because both take much attention and both have deadlines that you have to meet. Being part of both is really good for some people because it will teach you how to manage time properly if you start trying to wait until the last second to start getting your work in, you will begin to stress and there’s a great chance that you could possibly mess something up because in both of these fields the slightest thing could make the most significant difference.

Doing both also requires you to be big on communication because things can happen such as missing time from the studio/class because there is a game or a day you travel to go to the game so the communication factor is important just as much as playing sports on relaying the play call to your teammates to make sure everyone is on the same page. Both of these activities do require a lot of attention, but it is possible to do if you plan ahead and communicate with your peers.

Most people think it is harder to do both at the same, but it really takes time and patience while understand the pattern. The best way is to look ahead of all the task that is due and look at the schedule you have for the sport to line up when your free time is to know if you need to take more time on a project since each project can take a different amount of time to complete.

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