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Lightkeeper is no longer...

We changed the name! “Lightkeeper” was giving the wrong impression of how the game is played, so our new name is “LightRush” since you no longer want to have possession of the lamp for the longest time. If a player does hold onto the lamp for too long, they “explode” and lose the game.

Some items and map obstacles we have implemented are:

  • Bubble shields which can block items from being used on or against your character.

  • Bug tape which stops the player from moving for two seconds.

  • Cars which can knock the player around the map.

  • Spider webs which slow the player’s movement until they are no longer caught in the web.

Some game mechanics we have added are:

  • Lamp throwing, which is the main mechanic that helped us decide to move away from a game similar to “tag” to a game more like “hot potato”.

  • Magnetization for the lamp. Since now it can be thrown, this ensures the lamp does not get lost, and that players can not just throw the lamp and avoid running into it for the game duration.

  • Elimination animation for when a player has held onto the lamp for too long. This is an implementation that will be showcased when we move from a two player game up to a four player game.

  • Item spawners which randomly spawn the game items around the map throughout the game.

  • A main menu so when you start up the game, you can pick the audio level and map level. There is also a menu that pops up when you pause the game.

Some developments we are looking into implementing next semester are:

  • More characters! We have a few ideas swirling around, and we are excited for you to see our new playable characters.

  • Unique character abilities, so there are perks to choosing certain characters depending on your game playing style.

  • Making the game playable for up to four players.

  • Adding in controller implementation so playing with four people can be achievable. (Believe it or not, it is so difficult for four people to play on a singular computer keyboard.)

  • Gameplay soundtracks and more maps!

During this semester working on this project, I have learned more efficiently than I have in any of my classes. Getting hands-on experience was tremendously helpful and boosted my confidence in my ability to code.

This was my first experience using Unreal and GitHub Desktop, therefore I hit a huge wall in the beginning of the semester trying to get a handle of how both worked. After overcoming that obstacle, there were smaller issues that stopped me in my tracks for a moment, but thankfully our team and Professor Cole were extremely helpful in getting everything working again. Another problem I ran into was being able to dedicate enough time to work on the project, again, our group was extremely understanding of this and commutative with me when important things needed to be done.

I am excited to be able to work with on the game next semester and collaborate with the team and any new team members we recruit.

The trailer below showcases the implemented items and map obstacles, along with some basic game instructions.

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