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One Man's Trash Devlog #2

Work has continued on the game One Man's Trash since development began in the Fall 2022 session. One Man's Trash is a 2D dialogue questing game focusing on an apocalypse survivor/ghost whisperer Riley Runn, who is visited by their late grandfather Tom. Tom sends Riley on a mission to resolve all of his soured relationships, engaging in dialogue with people from his past in order to help him reach the afterlife. While learning about each person's individual backstories and misgivings with Riley's grandfather, Riley has the task of finding each of their specific collectibles as part of a set of quests.

A lot of progress has been made since the previous dev log. Since the last dev log, 4 levels have been added, including a beach level, museum level, library level, and dorm level. In terms of mechanics, a lot has been added in that department as well. A node-based dialogue and questing system were implemented by MRG member Tessla Muir, which allows for the easy implementation of quests, dialogue trees, and objectives into the game. A Teleporting system that teleports the player from one level to the next was also implemented.

In terms of User Interface(UI)- UI for selecting particular dialogue choices, a main menu UI, and a settings button/menu have all also been added.

The Beach Level serves as the starting area for One Man's Trash.

One level takes place inside a museum.

A look at the UI for choosing dialogue options.

Each quest has a set of objectives.

Looking into the future of One Man's Trash's development, we would like to continue to improve on the current gameplay loop by adding possibly some more difficulty to the gameplay by reworking the levels, and by making the dialogue have more player choice in regards to how the player talks to and gains information from the various ghosts present in the levels in order to complete objectives and gather collectibles.

While the story and quest implementation was a first for us and interesting, we do recognize the actual play in between quests and how we interact with the environment could be more engaging. We can also see that with multiple artists working on it the quality and scaling of the art is too varied. We're going to work on that. Try it out below with this MonRiverGames fans-only link and reply to wherever you found it posted online with your ideas. We'd love to hear them.

Secret password for your eyes only: Mountaineers

Ok, we know that's a pretty terrible password, but it's where our hearts are.

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