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Summer Session

We are in the midst of our summer session at MonRiverGames. The theme we went with for pitches for this session was 'light' and our winning pitch was "Dawn of Alina" of which you can view our progress on its new page. This one is a real challenge for us to all learn aspects of 3d development and design work better. You can see our members for this first community-focused session over on this page. We'll have our minimum viable product put together by the end of August. After that, we'll aim for another update by January 2023.

Beyond dev/design/art work for this Summer Session game, we are also focusing on making Purple House better. At the end of the Spring Session, a new story and plant results were added to the game. Currently, we are working on its sound, an inventory system, the almanac pages, sizing issues, and a mobile input system (Yes! It'll work on phones soon). Some of these changes may be available as early as the beginning of September.

Some more exciting news is that we now have 501 (c) (3) status as a registered non-profit! We will also be participating in several events in October. Stay tuned for information on those. You can also visit our Instagram and Facebook pages for additional updates.

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