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🌟🎨 Welcome, Design Dream Team! 🎨🌟

Behold the creative wizards of Mon River Games, the design team! These talented individuals are here to craft immersive worlds, breathtaking visuals, and unforgettable gaming experiences. Let's meet them:

🎨Liza Litten - The Artistic Alchemist

  • Skills & Goals: Liza brings her art and design skills to the forefront, aiming to improve her design and character art level.

  • Collaboration: She envisions a collaborative process encouraging team members to express their ideas freely.

  • Favorite Game Element: Liza's heart beats for narrative stories and remarkable characters.

🌆Colwyn Beaudeux - The Unity Sage

  • Skills & Goals: Colwyn's journey through Unity's intricacies equips him with valuable skills. He also has his sights set on exploring Unreal.

  • Collaboration: For him, partnership means sharing ideas and concepts and putting passion into every project.

  • Favorite Game Element: Colwyn revels in the big picture – brainstorming mechanics, level designs, and features that make games enjoyable.

🗺️Lucas Stout - The 3D Maestro

  • Skills & Goals: Lucas is excited to develop his 3D modeling and level design talents.

  • Dream Game Project: Picture a first-person, music-infused, narrative-puzzle game where music genres transform the world. Each genre brings thematic changes.

  • Collaboration Corner: He values open communication and believes in giving everyone a voice.

  • Favorite Game Element: Lucas treasures storytelling, whether it's through character designs, level art, or immersive narratives.

🎶Samantha Pizzino - The Creative Musician

  • Skills & Goals: Samantha's passion lies in sound design and music, and she's eager to explore how her creativity enhances existing game ideas.

  • Dream Game Project: She dreams of crafting a JRPG with a unique 2D combat system, combining turn-based and real-time elements.

  • Collaboration: Samantha looks forward to receiving feedback from her team and focusing on her audio, writing, and design strengths.

  • Favorite Game Element: She believes in the magic of game feel, controls, atmosphere, and sound design.

These are the artisans of MonRiverGames, ready to transform ideas into interactive masterpieces. Stay tuned for the wonders they'll create, and be part of their journey as they craft the future of gaming! 🎮✨

Welcome to the MonRiverGames family, Design Team! 🚀🌌 Let's paint the gaming world with creativity! 🌟

Best regards,

Leah Reed and the MonRiverGames Community Team

Group Photo of New Fall 2023 Members

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