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🚀🎮 Welcome, Master Coders, to the Programming Realm! 🎮🚀

Step into the world where lines of code become epic adventures, where your keystrokes shape entire universes! We're thrilled to introduce the brilliant minds behind Mon River Games' programming team. 🌟

Brady Sayre - Master of Impact and Game Feel

  • Skills & Goals: Armed with expertise in Unreal and Unity, Brady aims to perfect impact and game feel, ensuring our games leave players awestruck.

  • Dream Game: Picture a space-western RPG inspired by Cowboy Bebop. 🚀

  • Collab Corner: Brady is all in, striving to bring the designers' vision to life while adding his unique touch.

  • FGE (Favorite Game Element): The art of world-building and storytelling is his true passion.

Cameron Thompson - The Level Design Explorer

  • Skills & Goals: Cameron, well-versed in Unreal Engine, is on a quest to delve deeper into level design.

  • Dream Game: Imagine a first-person looter shooter akin to Borderlands – that's Cameron's dream project!

  • Collaboration Corner: He thrives on collaborating in programming and troubleshooting.

  • FGE: The intricate world of player mechanics fuels his creative fire.

Eric Saunders - The UI Maestro

  • Skills & Goals: Eric aims to enhance player experiences through animations, UI, and sound effects.

  • Dream Game Project: Picture a VR horror game where physical movement could save you from lurking monsters.

  • Collaboration: Eric is about teamwork, maintaining timelines, and making work fun.

  • FGE: Crafting intricate game mechanics that challenge and delight players.

Jared Willis - The Storytelling Sage

  • Skills & Goals: A master of programming and storytelling, Jared aims to make his game development dreams come true.

  • Dream Game Project: He envisions a sprawling action RPG with immersive characters and worlds.

  • Collaboration Corner: Willing to tackle any role, Jared ensures the team keeps moving forward.

  • FGE: His heart lies in character storytelling, creating lifelike personas that capture players' emotions.

Ben Bradford - The Mechanic Maestro

  • Skills & Goals: Ben's programming skills are a gift to create enjoyable experiences. He's on a journey to enhance his Unity prowess.

  • Dream Game: An auto battler with ever-evolving core mechanics for a fresh gaming experience.

  • Collaboration: He's eager to embrace others' viewpoints and collaborate on diverse implementations.

  • FGE: Ben's passion lies in-game mechanics and character abilities.

🎮 The MonRiverGames programming team is a force to be reckoned with, ready to craft gaming magic through their coding wizardry. Stay tuned for more updates, projects, and the amazing worlds they'll bring to life! 🚀✨

Welcome to MonRiverGames, programming maestros! 🎮👾 Let's create gaming history together! 🌟

Best regards,

Leah Reed and the MonRiverGames Community Team

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