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WVU GDIM Demo Day 2023

Written By Cameron Thompson

Brodey Cook and Lynne McGrath show their prototypes.

WVU's Game Design and Interactive Media (GDIM) program held "Demo Day" on Tuesday December 5th. Students from the GDIM progam got to show off their work to fellow students by letting them play the games they've been working on. The students who participated in Demo Day recieved tons of great feedback on their games from students and others who playtested them. This feedback will be extremely helpful for students as they continue to develop their games. Here is a quote from Brodey Cook, a student who showed off work at Demo Day, that is pictured above.

"I'd say what I liked best was really just getting to hear the feedback, this was my first time ever doing an event of this kind, and I'd only be showing my project to a couple people so I hadn't gotten too many people to play my game, so getting to have it open to a bunch of people was just really cool!"

WVU Game Developers Club also had a booth at the event where attendees got to try out the virtual reality games that they have been working on.

Demo Day provided an opportunity for students not involved in the GDIM program to see and play the games that GDIM students have worked so hard on during the semester. It also provided an opportunity for students who are interested in the GDIM program to talk to game design professors and students to learn more about the program. Here is a quote from Helen Radar, a student who also showed off work at Demo Day.

"I really liked the event since it gave us a lot of opportunities to show people our games and get students interested in the major and classes offered."

Graduating Senior Jordan Gibilisco shows her team's alternative controller prototype.

Overall, Demo Day was an opportunity for game design students to get helpful and positive feedback on the projects that we put so much effort into, and it was also an important confidence boost for students as they continue to develop their skills as game designers and artists. Here is a quote from Christian Cahall, a game design student who showed off work at Demo Day.

"My favorite aspect of the event was being proud of what my team and I had achieved and seeing the same feeling in others. The development process everyone in our class encountered was not easy and full of many hurdles; however, when the dust settled, everyone accomplished what they set out to do and had something to show for it. The excitement from everyone in attendance was palpable."

Enjoy the gallery of images below of the event. Follow us for updates on future events here or on our various social media platforms. Photo Credits: David Smith, Ashley Cumpston, and Joud Sabag.

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